4th EYE - Social Sites Data Analyzer

4th EYE Social sites Analysis Application is built around the two modules. One is 4th EYE Downloader and the other one is 4th EYE Analyzer.

4th EYE Analyzer is used to analyze the downloaded profiles data and display the analysis results. Analyzer has the dashboard view for critical automated analysis results. Analyzer can be used to send the profile's user ids to Downloader and request to download it. Among the downloaded profiles, provision to get the newly added friends, deleted friends, provision to get the list of common friends among the selected profiles, provision to get the list of profiles belongs to given home town / current city / school / college / work place.

4th EYE Downloader is used to download the Profiles data, Groups data, Keyword related posts from the social sites and stores into the Database. It maintains the queue of profiles requested by the Analyzer and downloads as per the schedule. It maintains the Keyword search Bank and downloads the data as per the scheduler and analyses the data to report the Users information. It analyzes the given group and finds out the active users, frequency of posts, total members of the group. Based on one social site Profile information, it also finds out the nearest probable profile match in other social sites. It also maintains the download history of the profiles.