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i9 - CDR & Tower Dump Data Analyzer.

i9 CDR Analysis Software is being used by several crime investigation departments, Intelligence departments, etc. This software is used for the data analysis of Mobile, IMEI and Tower Call Detailed Records (CDRs). This software has a sophisticated user friendly Application Interface, easy to import any file format (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt and .html,etc.,), generates the automated data analysis results and provision to export the analysis reports. This software is used for easy importing of the Mobile, IMEI and Tower CDRs, Tower Address mapping of the Cell IDs, generates the automated analysis reports of CDR like Summary, Max. Calls to other party, Max. Duration to other Party, shows the navigation of the CDR particulars(up to 4 CDRs at a time) in Google map. Geo Fencing identification of calls from a sensitive geographical area, Finds out common numbers between Mobile, IMEI and Tower CDRs(Area wise, Crime number wise, Network wise) , to find out the Uncommon Number of the Tower CDR, maintains the Suspect Mobile groups and Suspect IMEI groups and compares with the imported Mobile and Tower CDRs, to link with SDR Data (NOTE: iCube Solutions does not provide CDRs, TDRs, IPDRs,Cell ID addresses and SDR data, it is User's responsibility to get the data)

User Manual Link :
i9 CDR And Tower Dump User Manual

Installation Standards

A. Installation of i9 - CDR Analysis Software is available in two editions: Client - Server Edition and Standalone Edition Server Edition can be installed in the Centralized server located at Commissionerate/District police department premises. Installation of i9 - CDR Analysis Software (Client) can be installed in the required Desktop systems / Laptops of the Sub Division Office / Circle Office /Police stations / Cyber Wings and other investigation offices.
B. Installation of i9 - CDR Analysis Software (Standalone edition) can be installed in the required Desktop systems / Laptops of the District Unit Office / Commissionarate Office /Sub Division Office / Circle Office / Police stations / Cyber Wings and other investigation offices.
C. Provision to store the imported Mobile, IMEI and Tower CDRs in Centralized server.
D. Provision to access the centralized data by each Client system as per their authorized credentials
E. Provision to work independently (as Standalone edition) using client software.


i9_CDR_Analyzer_Features Trial Standard Premium /
Client - Server
                 General Reports



                General Reports-
                   Filters,Export and Print



                Right Click Options                        
                  Accepts these formats



              Saves in these formats
General Options
                  Add to Suspect Group



                  Compare with Suspect Group                        
                  Search Options                        
                   Add CDR Numbers/IMEI/Cell ID
                     to Suspect Group



                   General Reports                        
                   Previous Crime History Link with
                      Imported CDRs
          Tower Address Mapping
                   Mapping(Tower ID Addresses)                        
                   Get Latest Tower ID Info. Online                        
                   Moments(Tower ID Addresses)                        
                   Day First & Last Call                        
                   OFF/Un-Used Period                        
                   Conference/Hold calls                        
                   ISD Calls                        
                   Other State Calls                        
                   Single Call Days                        
                   Week Day Calls                        
                   Remove Unwanted Data                        
                   CDR Description                        
                   SDR Link Option                        
         Analysis Reports
                    Date Filter                        
                    Max. Calls                        
                    Max. Duration                        
                    CDR Summary                        
                    IMEI Summary                        
                    Bank or Other Service Alerts                        
                    Other State Summary                        
                    Max.Spending Tower ID
                    Show Google Map                        
                    Max. Spending Tower ID Calls                        
                    Search Make and Model                        
                    Total SIMs/IMSI Used                        
                    Day Summary                        
                    Night Summary                        
                    Day Stay                        
                    Night Stay                        
                    Fancy Number Relation                        
                    Family Number Relation                        
                    Tower ID with Nos.                        
                    IMEI with Nos.                        
                    Date with Nos.                        
                    CDR with Nos.                        
         Google Map
                    Multiple CDRs Google Map                        
         Mixed Calls
                    Mixed Calls                        
         Filter Data
                    Filter Data (Tower Addresses)                        
                    SDR Link Option                        
         New Number
                    New Number                        
         Common Numbers
                    Mobile Numbers                        
                    IMEI Numbers                        
                    Common Cell IDs                        
                    Date, Time and Duration                        
                    Call Details                        
                    Common Lat Long                        
         CDR to CDR Calls
                    Search Calls                        
         CDR & Tower Dump Common Nos.
                    Call Details                        
         Compare with Suspect Mobile Nos.
                /IMEI/Cell IDs Group
                Compare with Suspect Mobile Nos.
                  /IMEI/Cell IDs Group
         Geo Fencing
                    Call Details                        
Tower Dump
                    More Info                        
                    Add Tower Dump Numbers
                /IMEI/Cell ID to Suspect group
         Dynamic Filters & Split Analysis
                    Provider & SDR & Other State
               Info(Provider and Other State)
                    Under Tower Calls                        
                    Total IMEI used more than one
                    by each SIM
                    Total SIMs used more than one
                    in each IMEI
                    Nos. ported from other Operator                        
                    Migrated Numbers                        
                    Group Conversations                        
                    Save Filter Data                        
         Abstract Relation Report
                    Abstract Report                        
                    Other State Summary                        
                    SDR Link                        
         Common Nos.
                    Date, Time and Duration                        
                    Mobile Nos.                        
                    Get Calls Count                        
         Un-Common Mobile/IMEI Nos.                        
   Advanced Un-Common Mobile/IMEI Nos.                        
   Compare with Suspect Mobile Nos.
            /IMEI/Cell IDs Group
                    IPDR Mapping                        
                    Common Numbers                        
Import SDR
                    Additional Application                        
Tower Locator
                    Web Link/URL                        
                    Imported CDRs & Tower Dumps                        
                    Number in CDR & Tower Dump                        
                    Cell ID Address                        
                    MCC-MNC, ISD Codes, Mobile
                    No. Series Codes
                    Provider Search                        
                    IP Search                        
                    PinCode Directory                        
                    Police Dairy                        
                    Vehicle Registration Data                        
Link Analysis
                    Link Analysis                        
                    Load Link Analysis                        
User Manual
                    User Manual                        
              Import(Cell IPDR,Site Address Info)                        
                    Suspect Group                        
                    SDR & Operator Info                        
                   Toll Plaza Data Analysis                        
                    Update Software